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Waterbury Campus Library

The Library is More than Books!

Upon entering the library on the Waterbury campus, the first thing you'll likely notice are all of the books. We have a lot of them! And, there are millions more throughout the UConn system, all of which you have access to. But, there is so much more than books!

Some of the most popular services and resources in our library include:

  • Group Study Rooms

  • Quiet Study Spaces

  • Scanners and Copiers

  • Loaner Laptops (Mac and Windows)

  • Windows and Mac Workstations

  • Podcasting Equipment

  • HD Video Cameras

  • Mobile Device Charging Stations

  • The Writing Center

  • The Tutoring Center (as of Fall 2023)

  • Video and Image Editing Support

  • Expert Research Help (Don't be shy!)

Explore this guide to learn more about these services and resources. And, bookmark it so you can easily come back to it when you get stuck. You WILL get stuck. But, that's ok. We're here to help!