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Instructor's Companion to Research Now! — Find Information

Strategies for Implementing the UConn Library's Online Modules

What You'll Find Here

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Find Information is centered on helping students become reflective and strategic searchers.

What you'll find here:

Additional Readings: Algorithms of Oppression | Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Searches | Data Voids and "Google This!"

Exercises: Confirmation Bias in Keywords

Algorithms of Oppression

Avoiding Confirmation Bias in Searches

This reading supports Coming up with Keywords.

Data Voids and "Google This!"

Exercise: Confirmation Bias in Keywords


  • Students critically reflect on the importance of keyword choice for searching
  • Students choose keywords that produce better search results


  • 15 - 20 minutes.


This assignment supplements the Generating Keywords Worksheet (attached).

Students read "Avoiding Confirmation Biases in Searches." (link below). Students are encouraged to reference this reading during the exercise.

Students look at their own keywords from their Keywords Worksheet: 

  • Are there any keywords that might be prejudicing search results (i.e., "Millenials" and "Lazy")?
  • What alternate words could be used?

Students trade their Keywords Worksheet with a partner:

  • Students look at their partner's keywords and identify words that might prejudice search results. Students suggest new words for their partner to use.

Students test new keywords with their partner in a database, library search, or internet search engine.

  • Student pairs share with the class any problems they faced in coming up with keywords, how they overcame those problems, and how their search changed with their new keywords

Optional Conclusion:

Quick Reflection Paper - A quick (no more than five minute) reflection on the assignment. What did they learn? Will they change anything about the words they choose? If so, what?