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The Scopus database works well to calculate H Indexes for small and moderate sized journals. It cannot calculate on the fly for more than about 2000 articles. If the journal you are interested in has more articles than that  you'll need to go to another source. Below are the steps to calculate a journal H Index.

From the  main search page:

  • enter journal title e.g. "organization studies" and select Source Title from the drop-down menu;
  • set the desired publication window using the Date Range limit;
  • select Search;
  • check that the target title is the only journal listed under Refine > Source Title in the left-hand side column - if not, tick the box next to the target title and Limit to;
  • Select all documents from the result list (to access this see drop-down options for the checkbox above the list of results);
  • select View citation overview;
  • h-index appears to the right-hand-side of the screen.

Alternatively you can calculate an H5 Index, which is the H Index for the past 5 full years. So long as this is done for every journal title being considered it should be equally as illuminating as the full H Index.