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_NURS 4265: Nursing Past as Prologue — Find Articles

Specific resources for NURS 4265 Nursing Past as Prologue


These journals are dedicated to the history of nursing and medicine.


Recommended databases that include articles about well known figures in nursing and medicine.

Find Historical Articles in PubMed

Best tip: Search your topic in the History of Medicine subset within PubMed.

  • Go to PubMed
  • Select Topic-Specific Queries located under PubMed Tools
  • Select History of Medicine and run your search.

Other search tips:

 1. Apply the subheading /history (or /hi) to a Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) or your search topic

  • Enter MeSH term in search box:  leeching/hi
  • Enter Keyword in search box:      cancer AND history[sh]

 2. Search a personal name as a subject, such as Lillian Wald, using the abbreviation [PS]

  • Enter in search box:  Wald L[ps]

 3. Search a person as an author.

  • Wald L[au]

  4. Limit search of a person using filters "Biography," "Portraits," or "Personal Narratives" found under Article Types on left side of search screen

  • Nightingale F


Find Historical Articles in CINAHL

Search your topic using these examples:

1. Use keywords with the option of specifying where your term(s) should appear in the article using the drop-down box.

  • leech* and histor*   The asterisk is a truncation symbol.

2. Use CINAHL Headings and select History as a subheading for that term.

  •   Leech therapy/History

3. Search a historical person and limit to author (AU) or as Named Person (NP) from the drop down box.

  • Wald, L in NP Named Person
  • Wald, L in AU Author
  • Lillian Wald (searched as a phrase)