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Anthropology & Archaeology Subject Guide — Where to Find Articles, Books & Videos

A guide to resources that support anthropological & archeological research

Finding sources for your paper

To write your research paper you need to find "sources": academic/scholarly/peer-review articles, books and book chapters, videos, all of these are types of "sources" of information that you need to write about a topic.

Tips for searching for anthropological or archeological research:

 Searching for articles in anthropology is not hard but it needs some planning before starting:

  • Create a list of synonyms on your topic
    • You can use your syllabus or textbook to find some preliminaries keywords
    • Pay attention what phrases scholars used to describe the topic you are interested in. Research terminology change through time.
  • When searching a general and/or multidisciplinary database maximize your results add the keywords, "anthropology", "archaeology", "anthropological" or "archaeological" as an additional keyword
    • E.g. Use "coming of age" ritual "anthropological studies"
  • This technique works too when searching Google Scholar

When searching an anthropological database or journal, you don't need to use the words anthropological or archeological

Be aware that current topics (less than two years old) will have less academic, scholarly articles than older topics.
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Finding Articles

Use the multidisciplinary databases below to find ecological related research in the field of agricultural, environmental and health sciences, as part of your literature search.


In addition to using multidisciplinary databases, the databases list here will help you to focus on your particular research area.


These databases focus in health related research in the field of anthropology, health sciences, psychology, population studies and multidisciplinary research across these disciplines.


Archeological Journals that you can search too:

Finding Books and Videos