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Spanish Subject Guide — Overview

This guide offers you useful information on how to find and search for books, journals and other resources for Spanish

Spanish Resources Guide

Letter Ñ/Letra eñeWelcome to my guide! This online guide will help you to find materials such as books, journal articles, and films that are necessary for your studies in Spanish. You can also contact me with your questions when working on your research papers.

Bienvenidos a mi guía! Esta guía en línea los ayudara a encontrar materiales como libros, artículos de revistas, y películas que son necesarios para sus estudios en Español. Tambien me pueden contactarme directamente para consultas individuales.


This is a bilingual guide, so you will find English and Spanish descriptions of different resources depending if they were created in the United States, Spain or Latin America.

Where to practice Spanish?

The library doesn't offer language programs such as Rosetta Stone but we can refer you to some free online services or paid ones for your consideration. Also, consider visiting your local public library (near Storrs check the Mansfield Public Library) since sometimes they do offer language programs online for public library cardholder.

Professional Organizations