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Citation Management with Zotero

Learn to use Zotero, a free, open-source citation management tool.

Learn More About Zotero on Your Own

The UConn Library has recorded beginner and advanced workshops and short video tutorials on using Zotero.

Here are some other useful resources for learning about using Zotero.

FAQs: Chrome Users

If you attempt to add the Zotero Connector and receive an error message saying that IT has locked the Chrome Store for security purposes this is most likely occurring because your UConn Google account is not opted in to Public Services, which grants additional access to various Google services. You can opt in to Public Services using the link below.

If you've opted into Public Services, cleared your cache, and restarted Chrome, and still can't access the Chrome Store, try logging into a different profile in your Chrome browser, such as a personal Google account, or use Firefox or another browser with the Connector instead.

FAQs: Mac Users

Zotero toolbar in Microsoft Word

If you have just installed Zotero, you will need to quit Zotero and restart it to ensure the Microsoft Word integration takes effect.

Safari Zotero Connector

The Zotero Connector automatically installs with Zotero, but you still need to enable and display it. To do so:

  1. Go to Safari ⇒ Preferences ⇒ Extensions. Then check the box next to the Zotero Connector to enable it.
  2. Go to View ⇒ Customize toolbar. Then drag the Zotero Connector extension to your toolbar.

If you do not see the Zotero Connector in your available extensions, you may need to remove the Zotero application and reinstall it. This is a known issue with Safari, so if you run into trouble, consider using Chrome or Firefox instead.

FAQs: Proxy Settings

For some users, or for some specific library resources, the proxy redirection in the Zotero Connector can cause problems. To disable this setting entirely, right-click the Zotero Connector in your browser and choose options (Chrome) or manage extension ⇒ options in Firefox. Choose Proxies, then uncheck the Enable proxy redirection box.

To disable it for a specific site, go to the settings, select the site in the Configured Proxies box and tap the minus sign below the box.

FAQs: Zotero Connector Errors

The Red X error

Other browser extensions, whether you found them in the browser's extension store or on GitHub, can interfere with the Zotero Connector. If you are having trouble getting PDF files to download (a Red X displays indicating the PDF has failed to import), try disabling all your other browser extensions, close your browser, then reopen it and test the Zotero Connector. If it works, you can reenable the other extensions one by one, testing the Zotero Connector each time. That's the easiest way to locate the problem extension.

FAQs: Chromebook Users

To run Zotero on a Chromebook, you'll need to install Linux first. Zotero can only run on x86_64 Chromebooks. It cannot run on ARM-based Chromebooks.