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A Guide to UConn Library Resources on Wellness and Self-Care

Welcome to the Wellness Library Guide!

Welcome to the UConn Wellness Collection Guide!   Let our easy guide help you navigate resources that help you be your best self! Resources for mental health and wellness are categorized by topics and are primarily available electronically. Recommendations from our partners, UConn SHaW (Student Health and Wellness) staff are accompanied by a statement to easily identify them. The resource tabs to your left (or above on a phone/tablet) are in alphabetical order by topic.

In addition to this library guide, which serves as a guide to wellness from a pedagogical perspective, we also feature a library catalog collection.  Access the catalog using the link below the image.

screen capture of the wellness catalog page

Above: Screen Capture of the Wellness Catalog Collection

If you are interested in the Student Health and Wellness pages from SHaW, then please use the links below.

Spotlight On: New Books

Campus Wellness Resources

UConn Community Interest Groups & Centers

These centers offer community programming. 

Graduate Students of Color Association: contact at to be added to their email listserv to stay updated on upcoming events and initiatives. All graduate students of Color are welcome to join the UCONN Graduate Students of Color Association (GSCA)! GSCA is an organization that provides opportunities for fellowship, community, professional development, advocacy, support, and love to graduate students of Color 

Got a Health Question?

Wendy Urciuoli at the UConn Health Sciences Library coordinates a fantastic consumer health service called Wellness Through Answers.  WTA connects Connecticut residents with personal health questions to reliable medical information.

When you have health questions consider calling Wellness Through Answers (WTA). WTA is a free, confidential health information service staffed by UConn Health medical librarians. We know where to find current, accurate, unbiased health information from authoritative sources. We also know how to tailor information to meet your specific needs.



Off Campus Mental Health Resources

  • Virtual (Zoom) Transgender & Gender Non-conforming Mental Health Group: hosted by Liz Clarkin, LCSW, Sr. Director of Community Services, She/Her/Hers, Perception Programs in Willimantic.  For more information, contact: Liz Clarkin, LCSW at

What is Educating the "Whole Student?"

What is teaching the "whole student?" In the introduction to the book below, David Schoem explains that, 

Teaching the whole student represents recognition and appreciation for the fact that students (and faculty) bring into the classroom their hearts and spirits just as they bring their minds and intellectual capacities (Astin, Astin, & Lindholm, 2011).

For more information on this topic, click below to read this electronic book or download individual chapters:

Request a Purchase Form Link

If you would like to make a suggestion for a future Wellness Library book purchase, then fill out the "Request a Purchase Form."  New acquisitions are subject to available funding and vendor licensing.  Not all titles are available as ebooks to university libraries. Thanks for stopping by the guide!

About the Guide

This project was conceived of by STEM and Data Management Librarian Renee Walsh during the Fall 2020 semester.   The team members of the project are librarians Renee Walsh, Jennifer Chaput, and Carolyn Mills.  The collection aims to offer books outside of the library's traditional collecting scope (popular personal growth titles, popular self-help, popular psychology titles, etc.) which are part of nurturing the growth and advancement of the whole student.  The Wellness Guide and Digital Library aims to support UConn students'  success by providing easily accessible and introductory level information about mental health and wellness.

In the process of creation of this guide, we consulted with UConn SHaW (Student Health & Wellness) Staff and asked them for book recommendations around the theme of mental health and wellness.  It is our hope that students, faculty, and staff are able to connect with new ideas about wellness through this collection.

-Renée Walsh, Project Lead and Founder

Jennifer Chaput, Project Member AY 2021-Present

Chay Reed, Access Services Coordinator, UConn Avery Point: Project Member AY 2022-2023

UConn Wellness Library Strategic Framework Project


Former Project Members :

Carolyn Mills, now retired (AY 2021)

Hilary Kraus and Clara Nguyen (AY 2020)


UConn Library Strategic Framework Logo

This initiative is guided by the UConn Library Strategic Framework. The Strategic Framework charts the UConn Library's direction and builds on our strengths as a hub of scholarship, research, and learning for UConn students, faculty, and staff.  We connect our community to information resources; to the spaces needed for thinking, studying learning, collaborating; and to the essential expertise of library staff.

To fully realize the potential of the Strategic Framework, the Library encourages all staff members to propose individual projects, group projects, or events/programs that further the Framework.


This content guide is meant to be solely informational in nature.  It is not meant to provide professional care or recommendations.  It includes general considerations, but readers should contact their medical provider for individualized advice, treatment, and recommendations.


If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local hospital. If you are in crisis, please call 860-486-4705 to be directed to the UConn on-call therapist. During winter breaks, crisis support is available only during business hours.


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