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Library Study Space Guide — Study Spaces at the Homer Babbidge Library

A guide to the study spaces available at Homer Babbidge Library

Study Spaces

This guide will help you find the right study space at the Homer Babbidge Library for your study needs and preferences. 

There is a wide variety of study spaces across the seven floors of the HBL. Use this guide to find the study space that suits you and to discover the features of the floors so that you can make the most the resources and services available to you.

Types of Study Spaces:

  • Babbidge Booths

  • Individual Study Spaces 

  • Group Study Spaces

  • Individual Study Rooms

  • Group Study Rooms

  • Assigned Research Carrels

Floor By Study Preference

Level A Quiet Floor; Good for Individual study
Level B Soft Talking Allowed; Group Study Rooms; Good for Group Study
Plaza Level Reading Room: Soft Talking Allowed / 24-hour Study / Bookworms Cafe; Good for Individual and Group Study
Level 1 Talking Allowed; Group Study Rooms; Good for Collaborative Study
Level 2 2 N & W Soft Talking Allowed / 2 Art & Design  Quiet Study / 2 S Talking Allowed ; Group Study Rooms 
Level 3 3 S & E Talking Allowed  / 3 N Soft Talking Allowed; Group Study Rooms; Open Floor Space; Good for Group Study
Level 4 4 N Quiet - Good for Individual Study / 4 S & W Soft Talking Allowed ; Group Study Rooms


Security Information

If you need assistance, text 860-208-6305 or call 860-486-3099.