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Researching Waterbury

This guide curates a variety of resources for researching the history and the present of Waterbury. Included are books, historical newspapers, current news sources, data (both historical and current), maps, images, and various archives. These sources provide a multidisciplinary lens (social, political, historical, etc.) through which to view the city.

If you're only minimally familiar with Waterbury's rich history and thriving (though at times complicated) present, start with the Waterbury page on Wikipedia! Sure, your high school teacher probably told you never, ever to use Wikipedia. What they probably meant was use it cautiously, and never directly cite it. It's on you to do the detective work! Follow the links to the original sources. Verify the references. Wikipedia is great for situating your research. It will give your project some focus. And, you'll likely discover some useful sources along the way. need to go beyond Wikipedia. It's far from perfect! After using Wikipedia, develop your research using the sources in this guide.