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Negotiating Author-Friendly Publication Agreements

What are the rIghts in copyright?

Copyright is a bundle of rights:

  • The right to reproduce the work
  • The right to distribute the work
  • The right to prepare a derivative (a different version) of the work
  • The right to publicly perform the work 
  • The right to publicly display the work

What do you lose when you give up copyright?

You may need permission to 

  •  Put the work in a study guide or it on place on e-reserve
  •  Use as a basis for future writing
  •  Post the full text on your website or in a repository
  •  Re-use graphs or figures in future work
  •  Give copies to friends and colleagues
  •  Create a compilation of your works
  •  Expand your work into a book or book chapter
  •  Retain patent and trademark rights of processes or procedures in the work

Any use you DO have is determined by the new copyright holder or under the Fair Use Exemption.