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Research resources for all fields of geography

Welcome to the UConn Library Geography Subject Guide!

This guide organizes some of the UConn Library's most important print and online resources for research and instruction in all fields of geography. The UConn Library is home to the Map and Geographic Information Center (MAGIC) - a service with a more than 25-year history of providing print and online resources that support geographic research, including GIS data and shapefiles, and Connecticut statewide aerial photography back to 1934. The UConn Library has one of the largest map collections in the Northeast, with many of the maps available directly via MAGIC's website. The collection is focused on maps of Connecticut and the Northeast, with maps covering select areas across the globe. Each of the maps within MAGIC's print map collections are cataloged and searchable within the UConn Library catalog and limit your search to resource type maps.

Viewing Print Map Collections

The print map collections at MAGIC are located within closed stacks, and library staff must retrieve these items for the patrons. To view print map collections, make an appointment with MAGIC's staff via email at and maps will be made available to you for viewing at the UConn Library Archives and Special Collections Reading Room at the Dodd Research Center (Storrs, Connecticut). Please allow 2-3 business days for maps to be retrieved and made available to you for viewing.

Map Collection Circulation Policy
The print map collections at MAGIC are a non-circulating, closed stack collection and the staff at MAGIC will retrieve maps for patrons. Map retrieval is done within 2-3 business days of the initial request and patrons are encouraged to contact MAGIC staff to arrange an appointment and to allow materials to be retrieved in preparation for your visit.

Print Map Viewing Policy
Patrons may request to view any of the print maps from MAGIC’s collections, with a daily limit of up to 25 maps being retrieved from the print collections per day by appointment. With the print map collections being cataloged in the UConn Library catalog ( limit your search to resource type maps), patrons can search for relevant map(s) from the print collections and then provide staff at MAGIC with the call number(s) for materials in advance of your visit via email to Advance notice needs to be provided to request maps to allow for MAGIC staff to be on-site to confirm map availability, retrieve the item, and to make the map available via the UConn Library Archives and Special Collections Reading Room at the Dodd Research Center.

Print map reproductions
Patron may bring cameras to photograph maps from MAGIC’s collections. For individuals interested in obtaining a printed reproduction of a map, patrons can take a digital image of the original map and take the digital file to a poster printing service (ex. UConn’s Document Production Center, Staples, FedEx Kinkos) and have the digital image printed at the patrons expense.