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Communication Subject Guide — Getting Started

Guide to finding communication resources.


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Welcome to the Communications Studies Guide! The purpose of this guide is to offer tips regarding picking topics, searching and a selection of the best bets in term of journals, databases and related resources necessary to do communication research.

Picking a topic or writing a research question can be a challenge if you don't know much about the field of Communication Studies. For that reason it is necessary to do some background research in the field or about a general topic to get a sense of what are the main issues and to decide what you want to focus on for your research paper or project.

Doing Background Research

Encyclopedias, handbooks and dictionaries are a good starting place to learn more about the issues and topics that are important in the Communications studies field. These books offer the type of background information (theories and specific research topics) in Communication Sciences that will help you develop your topic/research question. You can find other encyclopedias and handbooks using the General Search text box in the library website. Use keywords such as encyclopedias, handbooks, communication, "media communication" or "interpersonal communication" to find similar books.

Theories and Research Methods

If you know your topic but need help to find a theoretical framework or research methods for your project, here is a list of resources that may help you.