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Citation Guides and Management Tools Guide — Other Online Citation Tools

A guide to some commonly used citation styles.

Online Citation Tools

The tools provided here are useful for quickly creating a few citations in common styles.

If you need to create a long bibliography, or want software that will help you create in-text citations, we recommend looking at the RefWorks Legacy page.

Remember: It is always your responsibility to double-check that your citation is accurate! 

If you're not sure, double-check using one of the citation guides on this site.

Citation Tools in Databases

Examples of buttons in databases that will automatically create a citation if clicked

When you're using the General Search or browsing library databases, keep an eye out for buttons like these. They will create a citation for you to use!  As always, it's your responsibility to check that the citation is correct.

Some online tools

Use these tools if you need to quickly create 1 or 2 citations.

Remember, it is always your responsibility to double-check that your citation is accurate!


Zotero is a free online citation manager. Zotero allows you to add content to your library quickly and easily via a browser extension. Like Refworks, Zotero also allows you to save citations directly from a database to your library. You can register for an account at

Zotero has good sharing capabilites making, it easy to create group libraries and share your research.