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Citation Guides and Management Tools Guide — Legacy RefWorks

A guide to some commonly used citation styles.

Legacy RefWorks

If you're using Legacy RefWorks, you may continue with that platform, but you can easily migrate to the new version of RefWorks. You can even be on both platforms at the same time while you see if the new RefWorks is right for you!

For assistance using Legacy RefWorks or any other citation management tool, please contact Hilary Kraus, citation management specialist.

Legacy RefWorks Resources

Legacy RefWorks is a citation management tool provided by the UConn Library for managing your research materials.

Please note:

Legacy RefWorks offers two writing tools that can be used with Microsoft Word.

  • Write-N-Cite, the original Legacy RefWorks writing tool, is not compatible with the current version of Microsoft Word and Microsoft Office 365. Write-N-Cite documents cannot communicate with the newer writing tool, RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM).
  • RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) is compatible with current Microsoft Office products. You can find it as an Add-on in the Microsoft Office Store.

Below are some resources for using Legacy RefWorks, all created by librarian Valori Banfi.

Citation Management Specialist

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Hilary Kraus