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Public Policy Subject Guide — Finding scholarly articles

Guide to UConn Library-licensed online and print resources related to various fields of public policy including Public Administration, Survey Research, and Nonprofit Leadership.

Journal Research Databases for Public Policy: Overview and Search Tips

The UConn Library licenses dozens of journal research databases  to support research throughout the University. Given the interdisciplinary nature of Public Policy research, any or all of these tools - arranged in the library's Research Database Locator by title or subject - may be relevant to your research. Databases under categories below include indexes to scholarly journals, full-text news, legal, and business database, and think tank and public policy organization reports. Search tips:

  1. Experiment! Try different combinations of keywords - both narrow and broad
  2. Use boolean logic connectors or and not within advanced search interfaces in journal research database. Using Or between synonyms or related concepts builds flexibility into the search, retrieving more results; And limits search results to only those where the concepts overlap
  3. Use the truncation symbol (usually an asterisk *) to find variations of root words; teen* in the example above searches for teenage, teen, teenager, etc.
  4. Searching for phrases in quotes forces the search to only retrieve articles where that exact string of characters appears. 

Web search engines

Key Public Policy Databases

Other journal research databases to consider