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Math and Statistics Subject Guide — Journal Articles

Find resources to help you in your math and statistics research at UConn

What Are Journal Articles?

Journal articles in the sciences are almost always a write-up of grant-funded laboratory or field research. Each article provides a brief overview of the research study, a description of methods used, results, and a conclusion. A small portion of science articles are 'review' articles; these are articles that summarize research studies. Journal articles are peer-reviewed. A growing number of so-called "pre-prints" are beginning to be published in science fields.

Professor Dipak Dey from the Statistics department                 Differential equations being taught in a math class at UConn        White board with math equations in the library

From left to right (or) Top to bottom [depending of your monitor]: Professor Dipak Dey from the Statistics Dept | Differential equations class in April 2016 | Math equations on a white board in the library

Math and Statistics Journals (Electronic Copies)

Here is a selection of Math & Statistics journals: this list is not meant to be comprehensive.  Use the UConn Journal search link above to complete a more extensive journal search by title or topic.