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Chemistry Subject Guide — ACS Citation Standards

American Chemical Society (ACS) Style Guides

ACS Manual (3rd Edition)

DOIs & Stable Links

If you access a journal article online, you will need to provide a DOI. If your article does not provide a DOI, you will need to include a stable link to that article. A stable link or a DOI will consistently point to a specific information source such as an ebook, an article, a record in the catalog, a video, or a database.

Your completed citation should look like this:

Dundas, I. (2007). The dilemma of confrontation: Coping with problem drinking in the family. Alcoholism Treatment Quarterly, 24(4), 78-98. doi: 10.1300/J020v24n04_06

Or this:

Gruenert, S., & Galligan, R. (2007). The difference dads make: Young adult men’s experiences of their fathers. E-Journal of Applied Psychology, 3(1), 3-15. Retrieved from

If your permalink contains (as in many EBSCO or ProQuest databases) you will need to remove that entire prefix, keeping the rest of the link.