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English and American Literature Subject Guide — Criticism Databases

Resources for researching English and American literature

Resources for Literary Criticism

Not all authors or literary works have been studied, so you may found that researches in some of the databases below yield no results.


You can try different databases -- the Alternative Resources listed in this page, for example -- or resources such as Google Scholar to make sure that you have searched all possible places.



  • For criticism of individual works, you may also want to research different works by the same author in case these have been analyzed.
  • When in doubt, contact me!

Keep in mind:

The MLA International Bibliography, the Gale Literary Criticism, and the World Shakespeare Bibliography Online normalize the spelling of authors' and subjects' names; e.g., Shakspear, Shakespear, Shackspeare, and Shakspere (etc.) are indexed as Shakespeare. The preferred form of the name is given in "name as subject" at the top of the page in the MLA International Bibliography and as "Person -- by or about" in the Gale Literary Criticism.

The Cambridge Collections Online, JSTOR, and Project MUSE  are excellent indexes but also include much material that is not literary. You may have luck adding to your search an additional term such as literary or criticism.

The resources listed below are not limited to literature but often contain information about authors, literary works, or literary movements that is not indexed in such resources as the MLA International Bibliography and the Gale Literary Resources.  These resources tend to have their own thesauruses and indexes.
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Getting Full Text Articles and Chapters

In a database, look for
UConn Full Text button

UConn Full Text will help you

1. Get the full text online if UConn subscribes to it
2. Check to see if we own the journal in print. Request a scan using Scan on Demand
3. Request what we do not own through Interlibrary Services