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Wellness Guide — Sobriety & Recovery Resources

A Guide to the UConn Library Wellness and Self-Care Collection

Sobriety and Recovery Resources

Welcome!  This page features resources and books about recovery from addition to alcohol or other drugs. It also provides resources for persons interested in taking a break from substances.  There are also resources for friends and family of persons recovering from addiction, or for friends and family concerned about a loved one's use of substances.

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UConn has several resources available to students in recovery from substance use disorders, students contemplating a recovering lifestyle, or students looking to take a break from substance use.  

UConn also offers Recovery Ally Training: an interactive 2 hour session, the Recovery Ally Training program exists to expand awareness, sensitivity and support to any individual on the University of Connecticut campuses in (or seeking) recovery from substance use disorders.

Digital Book Resources on Addiction & Recovery at UConn Library

Physical Library Books

Disclaimer: This content guide is meant to be solely informational in nature.  It is not meant to provide professional care or recommendations.  It includes general considerations, but readers should contact their medical provider for individualized advice, treatment, and recommendations.

If you are experiencing a mental health emergency, call 911 or go to your local hospital. If you are in crisis, please call 860-486-4705 to be directed to the UConn on-call therapist. During winter breaks, crisis support is available only during business hours.