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Wellness Guide — Movement & Exercise

A Guide to UConn Library Resources on Wellness and Self-Care

Movement, Exercise, and Mood

Many studies show that exercise can be helpful in boosting mood, often times due to the endorphins released by the body.  In addition, exercise is healthy for your body, whether you enjoy walking, yoga, or active HIIT (high-intensity interval) training.


Black woman doing yoga outside

Photo by Rishikesh Yogpeeth on Unsplash

Digital Library Books

YouTube Exercise Videos

Yoga with Adriene

Pop Studio Fitness free 30 min dance party workout with LA choreographer Ryan Heffington, owner of the Sweat Spot dance studio:

Library Exercise Video Access

You will find the most recent free exercise videos on social media platforms like Instagram, but the library does have several older exercise videos which are a part of our existing academic video platform subscriptions.

Physical Library Books