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Wellness Guide — Mindfulness & Meditation

A Guide to UConn Library Resources on Wellness and Self-Care

What is mindfulness?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, mindfulness is, "A mental state or attitude in which one focuses one's awareness on the present moment while also being conscious of, and attentive to, this awareness. Also: the cultivation and practice of this, esp. as a therapeutic technique."

Mindfulness, including specific practices like mindful meditation, are popular ways to deal with stress, anxiety, and other mental health challenges.

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Digital Library Books

A Sense of Wonder

Sometimes it can be helpful to take a walk in nature in order to stay in the present.  Observing nature, whether it be trees, flowers, animals, birds, or the weather, can help us stay present and mindful.

Meditation Video

Rodney Yee, yoga teacher affiliated with Gaiam, here offers a morning meditation:

Physical Books

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