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Topic: Women's History Resources in Archives & Special Collections

This guide provides a curated overview of materials available in UConn's Archives & Special Collections related to women's history topics

About this Guide

The University of Connecticut’s Archives & Special Collections holds many collections related to research topics in women's history and women's studies. This guide provides a curated selection of both published materials, as well as manuscript collections on various themes or topics in women’s history. The guide is meant to provide a starting point for research into topics related to women's history and women's studies-- it is not a comprehensive listing of all materials related to these topics held by the UConn Archives & Special Collections. 

Several pages of this guide draw from previous work done by Archives & Special Collections staff and student workers presented through Collection Spotlights hosted on the Archives & Special Collections blog. These posts are linked throughout the guide, and can provide you with additional information and resources on the topics covered on the guide.

10 Tips for Navigating Archival Research

Top 10 tips for navigating archival research
Tip 1: Talk to an archivist
Tip 2: Ask questions
Tip 3: Expect the unexpected
Tip 4: Research before you research
Tip 5: Be open-minded
Tip 6: Be prepared to dig
Tip 7: Take notes
Tip 8: Research creatively
Tip 9: Take your time
Tip 10: have fun

The 10 tips for Navigating Archival Research slides were originally created by Archivist Graham Stinnett in 2022 for the Archives & Special Collections blog.