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_EEB 5347: Principles and Methods of Systematic Biology — Overview

Welcome to the Systematics Guide!

Paleontological chart from Edward Hitchcock's 1840 book Elemental Geology with two branching trees, for animals and plants.Welcome to the Systematics Guide!

Systematics Biology is the information used to organize and classify organisms based on their evolutionary history and relationships to each other. Systematics includes taxonomy, the science of classifying and naming organisms in a hierarchical system, and phylogeny, an expression of the evolutionary history and relationships of organisms represented as phylogenetic trees.

This guide offers instruction on using databases for accessing systematics literature. It also provides directions to other systematics sources, including books and websites. If you have questions about using systematics resources at the University of Connecticut, please contact Carolyn Mills (contact information listed on this page).


Image: "Paleontological chart" from Edward Hitchcock's 1840 book, Elemental Geology, showing two branching trees for animals and plants.