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Art & Art History Subject Guide — Finding Information about Contemporary Artists

Contemporary artists may not be as well represented in reference works and scholarly journals as are famous deceased artists. So, information must be sought in journals of contemporary art, in newspapers or on Web Sites. This page provides good starting places for finding information on contemporary artists.


  • To find contemporary artists on the web: Do a Google search of the artist's name in double quotes. If the artist has a Web Site, it will often include links to or citations of useful stuff (interviews, articles, exhibition reviews and catalogs) that have appeared about the artist. Many artists teach, so that Web Sites of schools where they teach will often have a page about them with a link to their CVs (resumes), which may have lists of publications about them.
  • Search the artist's name in a Newspaper database to find full-text exhibiton reviews, interviews and news stories.
  • To find academic articles about contemporary artists use these academic databases

Other useful sites: