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Interrogate & Evaluate Resources — Interrogate & Evaluate Resources

Evaluating Information

When we look for information, we look for a purpose. We want to use that information in some way. Think about some of the decisions you might make using information:

  • Personal 
  • Financial
  • Medical 
  • Civic

Pretty important stuff! 

The information we take in shapes our view of the world and shapes the way we live our lives. It's important to have mental tools to help us interact with and manage our information intake, instead of passively consuming and being overwhelmed. 

This guide will  

Most importantly, this guide gives you the opportunity to think about your own thinking. When we're able to slow down and take stock of our unacknowledged assumptions, we're better able to realize how our brains work, and that self-awareness gives us the power bypass some of our own mental limitations, to go from passive observers in our own mental processes, to active participants in the world.

Before You Start!

Think about a decision you made recently.

  • What kind of information did you use to make that decision?
  • What was the source (or sources)?
  • How did you evaluate that information?