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Chemistry Subject Guide — Chemistry Fun

Chemistry is Fun

Chemistry cat meme Chemistry can be fun too! This page has some distractions and fun yet educational chemistry information. Find a fiction title to read during your break, or look at some interesting photography or graphics. Enjoy!

Fun Chemistry Books

Other Fun Chemistry resources

Distillations podcast from the Chemical Heritage Foundation - short monthly podcasts on a science topic.

Babes of Science podcast - short podcasts on women in science. Not all chemistry related, but all tell about a woman scientist we may not know about.

Science Friday podcast from PRI (Public Radio International) has a variety of science stories each week and frequently includes chemistry topics.

The Chemistry of Beer - a fun infographic from Reaxys and Elsevier

The Secrets Behind Chocolate - another infographic from Reaxys and Elsevier

The Chemistry of Summer: Bird Migration - another infographic from Reaxys and Elsevier

The Chemical Wizardry of J.K. Rowling - A fun column describing the chemical reactions in the Muggle world that could create some of the potions and charms from the Harry Potter books.

Periodic Table of Chemical Fiction - An attempt at finding works of chemistry-related fiction that map to elements of the periodic table.

The Periodic Table of Science Fiction - Short vignettes related to the elements, written by author Michael Swanwick.

A Bibliography of Science-related Science Fiction - Older bibliography from 1999 of science-related works of science fiction, compiled by author Connie Willis.

Chemistry History

Women in Chemistry