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First - Generation Students Library Guide

This library guide is designed to introduce UConn First-Generation (first-gen) students to the UConn Library and to provide support to ensure success in accessing and utilizing resources and services at the library.

Finding and Using Books

Books are a great resource for general background and in-depth coverage of a topic. They can be very useful when you need a broad overview of a topic, or if your topic is historical.

Books and eBooks can be found in the UConn Library's collection using the Library's General Search, found under the Find tab on the Library's homepage or directly at

Books from any UConn Campus library can be pulled and held for pickup at the library circulation desk of your choice. See the Requesting Materials for UConn Campuses box on this page.

If you aren't able to find what you need within the UConn Library's collection, you can search and request books from WorldCat. WorldCat search results are from library catalogs around the world. To learn more about using WorldCat, see the Requesting Books Not Owned by UConn box on this page. Please note that licensing agreements do not allow libraries to loan ebooks; WorldCat can only be used for print materials.

General Search (catalog) Tutorials

Advanced General Search
A brief (~1 min) video on using the advanced search features.

Getting the Book
A brief tutorial on searching for books using the Library's General Search