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Sociology Subject Guide — SOCI 3601: Sociology of Gender - Hartford

General resources for sociology

Sociology of Gender: Book Review Assignment

Cover of book, The Sociology of Gender by Amy S. WhartonThis guide will introduce you to library research and resources for Sociology of Gender at UConn. This page will help you:

  • Find book reviews in academic journals 
  • Find scholarly books

To learn more about resources on Gender Studies visit our Women Studies Librarian, Kathy Labadorf's guide:


Hint: When searching databases, remember to limit your search to book reviews. Each database is different so check the Advance Search to find where to limit/filter/narrow your search: E.g.

  • EBSCO databases use Document Type ►Book Review
  • JSTOR uses Narrow By ►Item Type ► Reviews
Please login with your UConn Net ID and password to access licensed resources  


You can look through journals that specialize in your topic. These titles have book reviews in each issue.

Access the eJournal Locator:

Using Call Numbers to Find Books

To learn how to search for books, articles and videos, check the Where to Find Articles, Books and Videos Page.

We use the Library of Congress Classification System (AKA Library of Congress Subject Headings) to organize and arrange materials in the library--similarly to the Dewey Decimal System except that it used letters and numbers to describe and organize books by subject. You can browse the stacks for these call numbers to find books on these subjects related to women and gender studies or you can use these phrases as keywords when searching our catalog and databases.


Call Numbers:

HQ1-2044 The Family. Marriage. Women
HQ12-449 Sexual life
HQ19-30.7 Sexual behavior and attitudes. Sexuality
HQ31-64 Sex instruction and sexual ethics
HQ71-72 Sexual deviations
HQ74-74.2 Bisexuality
HQ75-76.8 Homosexuality. Lesbianism
HQ77-77.2 Transvestism
HQ77.7-77.95 Transexualism
HQ79 Sadism. Masochism. Fetishism, etc.
HQ101-440.7 Prostitution
HQ447 Masturbation
HQ449 Emasculation. Eunuchs, etc.
HQ450-472 Erotica
HQ503-1064 The family. Marriage. Home

HQ1075-1075.5 Sex role
HQ1088-1090.7 Men
HQ1101-2030.7 Women. Feminism

Is it Scholarly?

How to identify scholarly articles and/or books? If you ever wonder how you can tell if an article is a scholarly one, here is a list of things to consider when reviewing the articles you find:

  • Specialized Appeal: publication includes research articles and reviews and is marketed to educators, universities, and libraries
  • Specialized Content: original research meant to advance discipline
  • Subject-specific Jargon: Use technical language specific to the field
  • Look for words like "Peer-Reviewed" and/or "Referred": articles critiqued by experts in the field before publication.
  • Check the Audience: the article is written for scholars, researchers, professors, college students
  • Check the credentials of the Author: Are they experts in their field? Are they affiliated with a research organization or university?
  • Check the article Documentation: Such as bibliographies, references, notes, and any source of facts used in the article

Terms to Know when Reviewing Articles

Abstract - A brief review of an article or book. 

Citation - A listing that includes enough information to find the article or book.  Citations include title, author, publication information, and page numbers.

PDF - A format that includes the exact way the article appeared in print.  PDF is preferable to HTML when citing sources because it provides the exact page number.

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