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Sociology Subject Guide — Story Map (Resources)

General resources for sociology


A man takes in an aerial view of the city of New York City, 1931. (AP Photo)Welcome!! This page offers your resources useful for your project, Creating a Story Map of a US Metropolitan Area. If you have questions or need help with your assignment, feel free to contact me anytime!






Photo info: A man takes in an aerial view of the city of New York City, 1931. (AP Photo)


One way to find information about cities is by searching our library databases for academic articles. Depending on your topic consider doing searches that are not too broad but not too narrow to be able to find articles. Identify key phrases that capture your main topic and pair them with specific cities or countries.

E.g.  "health disparities" AND Chicago

Please login with your UConn Net ID and password to access licensed resources 


Below, a selection of databases that may be useful for your project.


If you need images (current or historical) about the cities you working on your project, check these resources!


To find news account about, for example, the water crisis in the town of Flint, MI, you can search our newspapers' databases:

You can also search Google News and search for Flint MI water crisis and saved the search. That way you can go back to it at anytime and see any new articles published after your first search. Saving searches is easy! Just do the search for topic in Google News and click the Save button on the right side menu. To access your saved search, click on the Saved Searches button on the left side menu!

Census Data

To get a better picture and data about the cities you are working on, make sure that you visit the Census sites for the data you need!

Non-Profit Organizations by City

To find NPOs in your city, you can do a Google Search using the keywords: City Name AND nonprofit organizations


Here are some links to NPOs list by cities: