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Topic: Together Confronting Racism (2017) — Overview

Guide to support Metanoia 2017 at UConn

What is the Theme for Metanoia 2017?

logo for Together Confronting RacismOf Greek origin, the term metanoia has been variously translated as 'change of mind,' 'change of heart,' 'conversion,' 'reflection,' and 'meditation,' and since 1970 has been used by the University of Connecticut to designate special days of engaged and transformative learning on campus.


This year the theme for this event is focused on confronting racism in our university, our state, and our nation.


The purpose of this guide is to provide a variety of resources to explore, learn and understand the complexities of racism in our society.

Metanoia 2016

Please enjoy a video from last year Metanoia 2016 from the Waterbury Regional Campus!


News that Triggered Conversations on Racism on Campus