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UConn Library Staff Open Access Policy — Home


This is a guide for the Open Access Policy for University of Connecticut Library staff, which is in process.

 We seek to enact a green open access policy for scholarly publications authored by UConn Library staff, mirroring policies for faculty and staff at hundreds of institutions around the world. 

Under this policy, library staff agree to share their scholarship in our institutional repository OpenCommons@UConn, enabling free global access to accepted manuscripts, while empowering staff to retain key author rights and publish in venues of their choice. We believe this is crucial because: 

  • It strengthens our rights as authors, allowing us to keep our copyrights 
  • It lets our scholarship be read, cited and used widely 
  • It cultivates best practices in our field

In situations where sharing is not possible on the publisher’s end, authors can request a waiver without prejudice. The full details of the plan are in the policy and FAQ pages.  For help understanding, interpreting, or following this policy please contact