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HuskyCT: Integrating Library Resources — Books

Book Records and Searches

Links to individual items or searches in the Library Search [] can be placed in your HuskyCT to facilitate locating books at the library.

Creating Links to Single Items

Permalinks (stable URLs) are available for every resource in our Library Search. 

Locate the permalink for the item within the Library Search

book record - library general search - permalink

Copy the permalink

permalink for book

Add the link to HuskyCT

Permalinks take students to the item record in the Library Search.

Creating Links to Searches

You can link to lists of search results in the Library Search; the results list is dynamic and will include new items added. The URL in the browser address bar is stable and can be used as a permalink.  Be sure to copy the entire URL, which can be very long.

url to primo search results

Add the link to HuskyCT

Creating Links to Course Reserve Lists

Links to Course Reserve lists can also be created using the stable URL in the browser address bar.

In the advanced Library Search , select “Course Reserves”. 

advanced search course reserves

Search for Course Reserve list using Course Name, Catalog Code (ex. HIST 3510) or Instructor’s Name.  If necessary, narrow results to the exact course using the Refine my results filter on the right.

Copy the entire URL from the browser address bar.

Add the link to HuskyCT

Note: This list will not include personal copies on reserve for the Storrs campus.