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_ENGL 1010-1011 - Regional Campuses — Citing Sources

This guide focuses on research resources for English classes at the Regionals with information for specific assignments.

Why is citing important?

Any information that came from a source outside of your own head needs to be cited.  If you have any questions about citations, you can use the Ask a Librarian Chat for help.


  •     Give credit where credit is due
  •     Allow your readers to verify your research
  •     Help your readers situate your ideas within a scholarly conversation
  •     Allow you to strengthen your argument by properly introducing evidence
  •     Helps you avoid plagiarism

Citation Tool

RefWorks Citation Tool

RefWorks Legacy is a UConn-sponsored online tool for managing your research materials,  It will export citations directly from UConn Databases, help organize your materials into folders, reconnect directly to most articles using the UConn Full Text links, and help with your in-text citations and works cited.

Citation Tools in Databases

Examples of buttons in databases that will automatically create a citation if clicked

When you're using the General Search or browsing library databases, keep an eye out for buttons like these. They will create a citation for you to use!  As always, it's your responsibility to check that the citation is correct.

MLA Citations

Some online tools

Use these tools if you need to quickly create 1 or 2 citations.

Remember, it is always your responsibility to double-check that your citation is accurate!