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Citation Guides and Management Tools Guide — RefWorks Legacy

A guide to some commonly used citation styles.

Putting it All Together with Citation Management Software

Citation management software, like RefWorks, is especially useful when you're working on a big project with lots of sources.

Citation management software can help you:

  • Keep track of all your citations as you research
  • Automatically format your bibliography
  • Save time by inserting correct citations into your paper

When you use citation management software:

  • Choose which software you will use before starting your research
  • As you find sources (i.e. citations) remember to save to your citation management software 

This will save you time, and make sure that all of the citations you have found end up in the same place.

Remember: It is always your responsibility to double-check that your citation is accurate! 

If you're not sure, double-check using one of the citation guides on this site.

Legacy RefWorks - Citation Tool and Handout

RefWorks logo

Organize your research!

Legacy RefWorks, a UConn-sponsored online tool for managing your research materials, will export citations directly from UConn Databases, help organize your materials into folders, reconnect directly to most articles using integrated UConn Full Text links, and help with your in-text citations and works cited.

ProQuest RefWorks has introduced a new beta version. At this time, we strongly recommend that all users continue to use the current Legacy RefWorks version instead. 

With the Write-N-Cite plugin from RefWorks Legacy you can cite sources while you are typing your paper.  Once you have created a RefWorks account be sure to download the Write-N-Cite plugin which is accessible within RefWorks Legacy.  Write-N-Cite is not compatible with Office 16.  If you have Microsoft Office 16 you can get the same functionality with a free download named RefWorks Citation Manager available from the Microsoft Office Store.  

If you do not want to use Write-N-Cite you can try using the One Line/Cite View directly from your RefWorks account.  For more information about One Line/Cite View see link below. 

Refworks Legacy workshops are occasionally held during the semester.

Refworks Legacy has created a terrific online guide which includes step-by-step instructions, screen shots, videos, and  webinars.  UConn is currently using the Refworks Legacy edition.

If you have questions or need technical support, contact the ExLibris RefWorks Support Team ( for help.  You can submit a case or click CHAT WITH AN AGENT button if an agent is available to chat.

By Phone:  +1. 800-521-0600 ext. 74440 or +1.734-997-4440.

Support Hours: Monday -Friday: 8am- 9pm Eastern Time

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