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Pharmaceutical Science Subject Guide — Citing

Citing references

There are many reasons you need to cite references.  In order to strengthen your thesis and produce a great paper or article you need to provide evidence by including references. This is not only the ethically right thing to do, it also helps you avoid charges of plagiarism. The following guide will help you effectively organize your references.

Citing references

The citation guide provides information about citing in several standard styles and information on RefWorks and other citation management tools.  These tools make citing your references in a paper easy.  As you find good resources in your database, you can import the references into RefWorks or another reference manager.  When you are writing your paper or journal article, simply insert your references.  When you are done, you can create the bibliography in many possible styles, including AMA and the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences style. Be sure to proofread the references, since imported information can have errors.

AMA style