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Citation Analysis for Promotion & Tenure — Citation Count for Books

This guide covers resources for conducting citation analysis, finding impact factors and journal rankings.

Finding Citation Counts for Books and Book Chapters

A number of disciplines, especially in the Social Sciences and the Arts & Humanities publish their research in books and other types of publications. These disciplines are not that well served by traditional tools of citation analysis such as Web of Science and Scopus that primarily focus on journal literature. So how do you gauge the scholarly impact of your books and chapters in books? Listed below are a few strategies, while they are not perfect or comprehensive, they can help you collect some relevant data:

Google Scholar Logo


Snapshot of Google Scholar results with the Cited by highlighted


Some subscription-based databases such as PsycINFO and Sociological Abstracts also index books and book chapters and will provide “times cited” information.  Additional information is noted in Alternate Sources of Searching within the Guide.