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Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Subject Guide — Articles/Databases

How to guide for all women's, gender, and sexuality courses. Find information from many different kinds of sources -- worldwide research organizations, NGOs, peer-reviewed journals, books, ebooks, experts, etc.

All articles are not created equal

What kinds of research is discoverable in databases?

"Popular" ~ informs and entertains the general public through articles in magazines and newspapers. Magazines like Sports Illustrated, Ms., off our backs, Bitch, and Bust are examples of popular sources.

"Scholarly" ~ research articles and academic discussion among professionals, disciplinary and interdisciplinary, through scholarly and peer-reviewed journals and books/book chapters. Journals such as Feminism & Psychology and Journal of Gender Studies are examples of scholarly sources. Also called "Peer Reviewed" or "Refereed," these are research articles that are vetted closely by other experts in the same field(s) as the articles' authors before they can be published.

Learn more about scholarly/peer-reviewed versus popular sources.

Databases : Your tools for finding research in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Databases for Gender & Science Research