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_PSYC5131: Meta Analysis: Theory and Practice — Screening Citations with Rayyan

Library research guide for students in PSYC 5131.

Using Rayyan to Streamline Screening in Evidence Syntheses

Rayyan is a free and user-friendly tool which enables a single person or a team to perform masked screening of results for inclusion and exclusion.

Advantages of Rayyan include easy web or mobile screening of references, masked screening capabilities for teams, keyword highlighting, ability to label references with reasons for inclusion or exclusion, and intelligent sorting of references based on likely relevance.

A recommended workflow for using Rayyan is as follows:

In your preferred citation management tool (such as RefWorks or Zotero):

  1. Collect all references.
  2. Record necessary numbers for your PRISMA diagram.
  3. Perform deduplication of references. 
  4. Record number of references in deduplicated set.
  5. Import the deduplicated set into a new Rayyan project.

In Rayyan:

  1. Complete all title/abstract screening.
  2. Record number of references in included set (if you found additional duplicates during title/abstract screening, be sure your numbers reflect this).
  3. Export included items to a new Rayyan project.
  4. Obtain full text of references and make available to screeners (a shared cloud storage folder outside of Rayyan is a good place to store full text for the team).
  5. Complete full text screening.
  6. Record final number of references included.
  7. Export included records into your preferred citation manager as a separate project library (RefWorks) or a Group Library (Zotero) to ensure they remain walled off from your original set of references and any other projects you're working on.

Exporting from Rayyan to Citation Managers

When you are ready to export your final set of included references, you can do so from within Rayyan, and your reason for inclusion Labels will be exported as well. The Labels appear in the Notes field in your citation manager.

This screenshot shows what options are available when you export from Rayyan:

Export pop-up window showing options for which records to export, what information to include, and what format to export into

This is how the inclusion decisions and Labels appear in the three citation managers supported by UConn Library:

In RefWorks:

RefWorks notes field

In Legacy RefWorks:

Legacy RefWorks notes field

In Zotero:

Zotero notes field