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_PSYC5131: Meta Analysis: Theory and Practice — Recommended Databases

Library research guide for students in PSYC 5131.

Choosing Databases to Search

It's likely you'll begin your search in PubMed and APA PsycInfo, but depending on your research question, you might be searching databases in a variety of other disciplines. Below are some possibilities to consider. This isn't a comprehensive list, so don't hesitate to consult with me if you need help deciding or want to consider other options.

In addition to searching in databases, you may wish to browse or search the tables of contents of specific journals you know are significant in your field. You'll also want to look at the reference lists of relevant sources and at where those relevant sources have been cited since publication (also called cited reference searching). 

What about Google Scholar?

Google Scholar is a potentially useful tool, but it isn't considered a research database like the ones above. To learn more about how you might use Google Scholar in a meta-analysis, see the Grey Literature tab of this guide.