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Kinesiology Subject Guide — Streamline Your Access to Full Text Articles

Find resources for your research in kinesiology, physical therapy, and related fields..

The UCONN Full Text Button

The UCONN Full Text button appears in most of our library databases.

UCONN Full Text button

UCONN Full Text gives you quick click-through access to the online full text of the article OR a link to request the article from Interlibrary Services. See the Requesting Materials tab for more details on that.

Browser Extensions

If you use Chrome or Firefox, you can install browser extensions to cut down on the number of clicks from abstract to full text PDF. Some link you to our library's subscriptions; others find open access versions of articles for you.

One-Click Access to UConn Library Subscriptions & Open Access Publications

One-Click Access to Open Access Publications

Google Scholar + UCONN Full Text Button

If you use Google Scholar, you'll notice that many full text links take you to publisher web sites, which ask you to pay for access. Don’t do it!  You can display our UCONN Full Text link in Google Scholar, providing click-through access to our full text articles and our interlibrary services request system, follow the numbered steps below.

To display the UCONN Full Text link:

  1. Go to Google Scholar.
  2. Go to the hamburger menu in the top left, then choose Settings.
    Google Scholar menu with the hamburger highlighted and labeled step 1, and the Settings link highlighted and labeled step 2
  3. In Settings, select Library Links, search for UConn, then select the checkbox for UConn - UConn Full Text.
    Google Scholar Settings page; highlighted and labeled Step 1 is the Library Links link, highlighted and labeled Step 2 is the search box which shows the word UConn, highlighted and labeled Step 3 is UConn - UConn Full Text to the left of which is a checkbox that is checked.
  4. Click the Save button.
    Save button on the Google Settings page

Now, when searching in Google Scholar, you will see one of two things:

If we have access to the source in full text online through UConn: A UConn Full Text link to the right of the reference; click the link once to navigate to it:

UConn Full Text link displayed in Google Scholar

If we don't have it: No UConn Full Text link. In that case, first click the double chevron in the options below the reference:

double chevron underneath the reference

Then click HelpMeGetIt to navigate to our interlibrary loan form. In most cases, with a few clicks, the form will auto-populate to help you submit your request:

HelpMeGetIt link

Beyond UCONN Full Text

Google Scholar is also especially good for locating open access versions of publications posted in faculty members’ institutional repositories or on sites like ResearchGate. Bear in mind that not every link on Google Scholar takes you to an authentic or legal version of a publication!

PubMed + UCONN Full Text Button

If you go to PubMed from the UConn Library page, you'll see our UCONN Full Text button, providing click-through access to our full text articles and our interlibrary services request system. To have that same feature when you navigate to PubMed from anywhere online, create a login using the link below, then follow the numbered steps.

  1. Set up your Account using the link above.
  2. Login to NCBI.
  3. On your account page, choose NCBI Site Preferences.
    NCBI Site Preferences link
  4. Under PubMed Preferences, choose Outside Tool.
    NCBI Preferences page
  5. On the Outside Tool Preferences page, click on U in the alphabet bar.
     Outside Tool Preferences with alphabet bar
  6. Locate UCONN Full Text in the list and check the box to the left.
    UCONN Full Text Outside Tool