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_KINS5508: Exercise Prescription for Individuals with Chronic Diseases and Health Conditions — Time to Start Searching!

Library research guide for students in KINS 5508.

What's Will You Do on This Page?

Now it's time to:

Once you've done all that, you should:

Things to Consider as You Search

Research is an iterative process. Your first search will not be the same as your last!

You do have to start somewhere, of course. A good way to think about the process:

  1. Start by building an initial search, based on your PICOT and your concept table, which by now includes keywords and controlled vocabulary for whatever databases you're using. You'll include some, but not all, elements of your PICOT in your search. In most cases, you'll leave the Outcome out of the search and focus instead on Population and Intervention.
  2. Analyze your results, considering questions like: how relevant are these? what might I be missing? what keywords or controlled vocabulary show up in citations I think are right on target? is my search too broad? too narrow? am I using too many elements of my PICOT? too few?
  3. Modify your initial search, adding or removing keywords and controlled vocabulary based on what you've learned.
  4. Keep repeating steps 2 and 3 till you feel like your strategy is as good as you can make it.
  5. Run your optimized search!

Remember: keep your concept table updated and keep track of your searches (the entire search strategy) as you go! Be prepared to fill out your PRISMA table, too.

Databases to Search

What's Next?

Have you:

Then you're ready to move on to the next tab, Book Your Research Consultation!