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Topic: Black Experience in the Americas — Finding Secondary Sources

Finding Books & Articles about the African Diaspora in Latin America

Secondary sources are studies done by historians and other researchers by analyzing primary sources. Books and journal articles are the main types of secondary sources.

When starting your keyword search to find articles and books, try to do a balanced search—not too broad but not too narrow either. Use several synonyms to be sure that you find everything relevant to your topic. This is very important when you are focusing on just one country, e.g. Cuba, the Dominican Republic, etc.


Black is the preferred term used to describe African descendants regardless of country of origin. When searching for phrases, use quotation marks to indicate to the system that you want articles on that topic, e.g. "Latin America". Depending on your topic here are some suggestions for terms to use for your keywords searches:
  • Blacks AND "Puerto Rico"
  • "African Diaspora" AND Mexico
  • "sugar cane industry" AND blacks AND Cuba
Other terms to search for Blacks in Latin American and the Caribbean: Afro-Latino, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Puerto Rican, etc.


To help you develop your research question, check out these books for background information on such topics as slavery and the African Diaspora in the Americas and visit the recommended databases listed on this page to find the articles you need for your research project.

Recommended Databases

Can Find Articles in your Topic? Try Google Scholar! It is a good place to test your keywords and see what is out there. Good place to start if you are not sure what is your topic too.

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African Diaspora in the Americas

Slave Trade and Slavery in the Americas