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Topic: Black Experience in the Americas — Haitian Revolution

The Haitian Revolution (1789-1804)

Image of Toussaint Louverture from Brown Library

The Haitian Slave Revolution (also know as the Haitian Revolution) was an event of seismic proportion around the world. From its beginning in 1789 to its official conclusion, 1804, with the foundation of the nation of Haiti, all eyes were set in this Caribbean island where slaves and former slaves took arms against their white overlords to claim their freedom and eventually created the first Black nation in the Americas.


The purpose of this page is to introduce you to the many library and online resources (academic articles, archival sources) available to you to learn and research the history of this important event in the history of the Americas!


Searching Tip:

When searching any of the databases listed in this page, try these keywords to find articles and books about Haiti:

  • Haiti or Hayti
  • "Saint Domingo" or St. Domingo (that is the previous name of Haiti)

To make sure that you identify all the books about Haiti.

Academic Journals Databases (Secondary Sources)

Books on the Haitian Revolution

Documentary on the Haiti Revolution

Primary Sources Databases

Archival Collections (English)

Archival Collections (French)


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