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Library Electronic Resources 2021 — HathiTrust

HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Service (ETAS)

What Is HathiTrust ETAS?

ETAS is a benefit of UConn Library's membership in HathiTrust, a not-for-profit library collaborative with vast digital collections.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HathiTrust is providing us with emergency temporary access to more than 400,000 in-copyright ebooks that UConn also holds in print—equivalent to half of all our print books. Access to these 400,000 titles will continue until August 13, 2021. Aother 4.4 million public domain works will remain permanently available online after August 13.

The UConn Library catalog includes links to each book (here's an example).

Search the UConn Library catalog

Search HathiTrust directly


Why is HathiTrust ETAS ending on August 13?

Once the Library's operations are no longer significantly curtailed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Emergency Temporary Access Service will cease to apply to UConn's situation. Consequently, and to remain in good standing under copyright laws, HathiTrust will deactivate ETAS for UConn.

Who can use HathiTrust ETAS?

Only UConn faculty, students, and staff with valid NetIDs are permitted to use ETAS. HathiTrust will prompt you to login with your NetID.

What kind of books are available through HathiTrust ETAS?

ETAS books run the gamut in terms of languages, subjects, and publication dates, ranging from 1925 to 2019.

How many people can read the same HathiTrust ETAS book simultaneously?

Only one person at a time can read an ETAS book. Public domain books and journals can be read without restriction.

How long can I read a HathiTrust ETAS book?

You can borrow, or "check out," an ETAS book in one-hour increments. The book renews automatically at the end of each hour, indefinitely, as long as no one else attempts to access the book and as long as HathiTrust detects activity (clicking, scrolling) on the book you have "checked out."

I tried to access a HathiTrust ETAS book and couldn't. Why not?

Most likely someone else was viewing the book at the time. Please try again later.

Why can't I download an ETAS book?

HathiTrust ETAS books are are made available as an emergency measure under an untested interpretation of copyright law. Proceeding cautiously in this unknown legal environment, HathiTrust is providing relatively restrictive access.

Can I borrow a UConn Library print book if the ebook is available through ETAS?

No. HathiTrust requires us to remove from circulation any print books that are currently available through ETAS.

How can I tell what books are available through ETAS?

You can search the UConn Library catalog or search HathiTrust directly.

ETAS is not adequate for my reading needs. What are my options?

If you need a book for a class or for long-form reading, you are welcome to submit a purchase request.

I have a question not addressed in these FAQs.

Please refer to HathiTrust's User Guide or contact the Library's collections strategist.